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Immigration Services

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Asylum Petition

Asylum is a form of protection that allows you to stay in the United States instead of being deported to your country where you fear persecution or harm.

Work Permit

The Employment Authorization Document (EAD) proves to employers that you can be hired to work in the U.S. And to obtain better job guarantees.

Family Petition

Submitting Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, is the first step to help an eligible family member apply to immigrate to the United States and obtain a green card.

Cancellation of Removal

Cancellation of Removal or Deportation for Non-Permanent Residents is often used as a remedy for someone facing deportation proceedings in immigration court.


The VAWA program seeks to protect alien victims of abuse or extreme cruelty. Although VAWA is defined as a violence against women law, it also protects men.

Visa U

U Nonimmigrant status (U Visa) is reserved for victims of certain crimes, who have suffered physical or mental abuse and provide assistance to law enforcement agencies.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Citizenship is a shared bond that unites individuals with civic ideals and a belief in the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution.


Also known as a waiver, an immigration pardon is a pardon granted by the U.S. government to aliens who have violated U.S. laws.

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