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Privacy Policies – Terms and Conditions

This statement describes SERVICIOS SIN FRONTERAS LLC’s policies and practices regarding the collection and use of your personal information in connection with your visit to the company’s website. Here are our policies for SERVICIOS SIN FRONTERAS LLC customers, affiliates, members and non-members. If after consulting this privacy policy you have questions and concerns, please contact us by email at trabajo.administrativa@sinfronteras.llc , or send a letter to the following address. Your recommendations, suggestions and comments are welcome.

FLORIDA, FL, 34239.
United States of America


It is important to clarify that our page or website does not automatically collect personally identifiable data. That is, we will not know details such as your name or email simply by visiting us. We will only access such information if you choose to provide it voluntarily, either when creating an account, logging in, or if you enter through a link in an email we send you.

Information We Collect and Its Use

When we need to collect your personally identifiable information to provide you with a specific service, we will ask you to voluntarily provide us with the information we need, which will mean your authorization to handle your data.

General information collected

To offer an optimal and tailored experience to our users on our website, at SERVICIOS SIN FRONTERAS LLC, based in Sarasota, Florida, we closely monitor visitor interactions on our platform. We use advanced tools, such as web server logs and analytics programs, to help us evaluate traffic, identify pages with the most engagement, and get a bird’s-eye view of behavior on our site. This data allows us to refine our services and adapt them according to the preferences of our users.

From time to time, and always for strategic or benchmarking purposes, SERVICIOS SIN FRONTERAS LLC in Sarasota may share aggregated and anonymous data with third parties about general trends on our site. However, we want to emphasize that this data does not include details that could identify a specific user. We are committed to maintaining confidentiality and will never share detailed or personal information of our users without their prior and explicit authorization.

Information collected through advertising campaigns

Based in Sarasota, Florida, we occasionally launch promotional campaigns via pop-ups on our website or social media platforms. Participation in these campaigns is completely voluntary. If you decide to interact with them, we will understand that you consent to the handling of your data by us. We want to assure you that the information collected in these campaigns will be managed exclusively by SERVICIOS SIN FRONTERAS LLC. We undertake not to share this data with third parties, unless we have your explicit authorization.


Our goal is to send you email communications that are of interest to you. By providing us with your email address, SERVICIOS SIN FRONTERAS LLC , located in Sarasota, Florida, will contact you directly to keep you informed about our company, as well as our programs and services. With each communication, you will be offered the option to decline future messages by following the attached instructions. If you prefer not to receive further communications, you can express your decision by sending an email to direction.administrativa@sinfronteras.llc or by sending a letter to our address in Sarasota.

FLORIDA, FL, 34239.
United States of America

Disabling email communications may require up to 10 business days to be effective. If you communicate your decision to us by post, please also include your email address. We want to emphasize that, under no circumstances will SERVICIOS SIN FRONTERAS LLC , based in Sarasota, Florida, ask you via email for sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers or any other type of personal or private information. If you receive a message that appears to be from us, but requests such “Personal Information”, please note that this is a phishing attempt and we recommend that you do not respond or provide the requested information.

Security of information storage

At SERVICIOS SIN FRONTERAS LLC , based in Sarasota, Florida, we consider the Personal Information you provide to us as confidential data. Once we receive such information, we store it on a protected server, which has firewall systems specifically designed to prevent any type of unauthorized access.

Disclosure of information to third parties

SERVICIOS SIN FRONTERAS LLC, authorized by you to manage your personal information, may share said information specifically with the clients of SERVICIOS SIN FRONTERAS LLC, in order to be able to offer different services for the benefit of you, your family and the entire community. community. Therefore, the company may, as long as it has your authorization for commercial purposes, provide this information.


When you visit our website SERVICES WITHOUT FRONTERAS LLC, based in Sarasota, Florida, you will encounter the implementation of cookie technology. “Cookies” are pieces of encrypted information that a website places on a user’s device. To access the Service Advisors section, our site uses a “session” cookie, which is temporary and is automatically deleted when you close your browser. These session cookies make it easy for you to authenticate and browse securely during a single visit. Additionally, we use a “persistent” cookie to appropriately target you by region or language on future visits. These persistent cookies remain on your device until you choose to delete them or until they expire. Our approach is not to use cookies to collect personal information, except where you choose to provide it to us. These cookies do not compromise or damage your device or files.

On the other hand, we use “pixel tags”, which are invisible to users and consist of a few lines of code. We do not collect personal information through pixel tags. However, they help us count the views of our pages. Additionally, our email service uses these tags to determine whether you can receive emails in HTML format, making it easier to send messages in a readable format for you. These sensors are exclusive to collect specific data and provide us with statistics on the opening of emails in our campaigns.

Regarding advertising, we use third-party technologies to display ads and keep track of how many times an ad is viewed. These technologies do not use pixel tags or cookies and we guarantee that they do not collect personally identifiable information.

Other places

SERVICIOS SIN FRONTERAS LLC , based in Sarasota, Florida, is solely responsible for the statement and content of the privacy policy of this website. We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the privacy practices or use of cookies of other websites to which you may be redirected from our portal, as well as any other website that does not belong to SERVICES WITHOUT BORDERS LLC and which you can access from here.

Legal issues

This site operates from the United States and is governed by US laws.

SERVICES WITHOUT BORDERS LLC, based in Sarasota, Florida, may be required to disclose personal information without your consent if required by law or if we, in good faith, believe that such action is essential to investigate or protect SERVICES WITHOUT BORDERS LLC against potentially harmful activities or to defend ourselves against them.

Changes to your privacy rights

We may need to make changes to this privacy statement in the future. All changes will be made here. This way, you will always know what information we collect, how we might use it, and whether it will be disclosed.

Communication Servicios Sin Fronteras LLC regarding privacy issues

We welcome comments, suggestions or questions about our privacy policy statement or the privacy practices of SERVICIOS SIN FRONTERAS LLC.

Contact us: By email, at direction.administrativa@sinfronteras.llc